How To Use SplitBird

1. Create / Select Event

Event List

On this screen you can select one of your Events.

On the top right you can create a new Event.

To delete an Event simply slide it to the left, or use the "Edit"-Button on the top left.

Use the two buttons on the bottom to send feedback and access the settings.


2. Define the group of people


You can easily add and remove people from your group.

The button on the top left is used to add people by manually typing in their name.

On the right you can import people from your contacts. If you have a picture assigned to that contact, it will be used automatically.

The center button is used to remove people from your group.

To move on to the bills section you can either swipe to the left, or tap on "Bills" on the top of the screen.

On the bottom of the screen you can go back to the Event List by tapping the left button, or access Event-Settings and Statistics by tapping the bird.


3. Add Bills

Create Bill

Enter all your bills and select who paid for them and who used each bill.

With the two buttons on the top you can add and remove bills.

When you tap on a bill, a button to edit that bill appears.



Results Overview
Results Payment Plan

The results are calculated immediately.

The first screen shows how much each person has to pay or will receive from the other persons.

By tapping on "Show Payment Plan" you can see a suggestion for how to pay each other.